Mr Dao Ngoc Thanh – CEO of Vihajico, Ecopark Investor

Buying a apartment in Ecopark has no signs to stop when people start to wait for registering from midnight.

Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh, General Director of Vihajico said that around 7000 apartments were sold in the market so far. Especially, although people have a lot of choices to buy apartments, they still choose to stay up all night in order to buy one in Ecopark. However, it is not surprising to Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh due to these following reasons:

1.        It is better to share:

“It is the right thing to do when sharing the benefits with our customers”, the  CEO said. A good example of this is Ecopark just sold a plot of land with a price of 3 billion VND to save several hundred million for the buyers when the real value is about 3.5 billion VND.

“Do not pocket everything when you can share it to the others”, Mr Thanh emphasises. If we sold that land with 4 billion VND, it is certainly that no one will queue for that. As a result, if you want to have that benefit you have to come first. In addition, the development philosophy of the CEO is to make Ecopack become a worth living place, not only a place with luxury layout.

Therefore, Ecopark is not just a boring successful real estate but an ecological urban area with full of energies from parks, schools, supermarket… and numerous of uitility services. This kind of unique living environment is a key element to create the successful of this original CEO.

Mr Dao Ngoc Thanh – CEO of Vihajico, Ecopark Investor

2.        A worth living place

“What is the first factor to develop Ecopark” is the frequent qluestion that Mr. Thanh receive from people. It is certainly true that most of people will think about ecology when hear about Ecopark, but Mr Thanh said that Economy still plays an important part in the project. Because the CEO believe that Ecopark can only have a balanced development based on both Ecology and Economy.

Therefore, residents who come to live in Ecopark will have several opportunites to run a business by renting their homes as cafes or restaurants. By earning from 10 to 30 million VND is the main attractive factor for people to choose to live in Ecopark, therefore, Ecopark is still hot so far.

Mr Dao Ngoc Thanh – CEO of Vihajico, Ecopark Investor

3.         Cooperation for better development

Calling for investment for Ecopark utilities is one of the difficult problem of all projects. About this issue, Mr CEO said that: “you cannot do all the things, but choose the most difficult to do”. Mr Thanh is not worried about the competition issue, but he expected that a motivative environment will make Ecopark more complete. Accordingly, Mr Thanh said that do not always focus on the price but it is crucial to satisfy resident demands and he believed that scarification is necessary to be successful.

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